More about Fawzy's career

Arabic singer and citizen of the world, oud and oboe player, Fawzy (pronounced Faouzi) was born in Iraq between two heavy rains. Settled in France for 40 years, he has been able to make Iraqi and Middle Eastern Arabic music known to the general European public. Thanks to his dual culture, He is one of those artists who are at the crossing point between East and West, "one of these modest and talented peacemakers" (Mondomix).

He published his first disc "Silence" in 1971 (Le Chant du Monde, 1971) then "Bagdad" (1978), became in 1983, one of the forerunners of world music with his album "La terre" on which he brought together musicians from all horizons and he integrates Western instruments. Then, he created the "oriental jazz" (album "Tarab") marrying the swing of jazz with the sensuality of oriental music. After a tour in Hong Kong, he turned to more traditional inspirations and produced in 1999 the album "Paris Bagdad". At the same time, he produced discs and concerts for young audiences "Amina" in 1981, "Dounya" in 1998 and "Noces-Bayna" in 2009.


Then on to the following creations : "Privé de désert" ("No more desert") with Jean-Luc Fillon in 2011, mainly instrumental (a travel through the desert and its encounter), "Ultime prayer" - Sacred songs of the Orient, in 2011-2013 (1st world at Strasbourg Cathedral), "Exile my love "(music, theater and calligraphy, for the Strasbourg Méditerranée festival), "Entre deux roseaux, l'enfant" ("Between two reeds, the child"), a musical & visual show for small and big ears, commissioned by La Passerelle in Rixheim, "La traversée" by the Noces-Bayna quartet (traditional French songs with an Arabic reflection with or without choir), created at the City of music-Philharmonie of Paris in 2016.…

At the same time, he has established a real 'research laboratory’, navigating between oriental music and western groove which led  to the creation of "Radio Baghdad", during the European Nights festival in Strasbourg then to the production of the album of the same name (Institut du Monde Arabe / Harmonia Mundi). In 2019, a new experiment between music from the East and the Maghreb and electronic sounds came to fruition, opening up new horizons with the album "Ishtar Connection" (Inouïe Distribution).

Nominated for the Django d'Or - Traditional World Music category, Fawzy was a favorite of the Babel Med jury for its shows "Radio Baghdad" and "Noces-Bayna", and Favorite of the Charles Cros Academy for the 'Noces-Bayna' album. Throughout history, the idea of tolerance and culture have led the approach of artists  who tirelessly defends an open and creative trans-oriental way. For Fawzy, music is the privileged field where all meetings can flourish.

"At the roots of traditional Arabic music, well anchored in the present, nourished by multiple folk, rock and jazz influences, and singularly turned towards the future"
Trad Magazine