Ishtar Connection is a surprising but catchy alchemy between world music and electro, shaped by a master of Middle Eastern music Fawzy Al-Aiedy and three young artists from a contemporary background : Vincent Boniface, multi-instrumentalist from Aosta Valley (Italy), Amin Al-Aiedy (bass guitar, arrangement), Adrien Al-Aiedy (drums, launching of electronic sounds made by Gstn).

Who could be better than this new generation, raised between two cultures ?

These contemporary sounds echo the spirit of secular Oriental music. Electric oud melodies and Arab vocals mix with synth textures, bagpipes and other acoustic instruments to an unexpected harmony and groove, perfectly arranged.

Echoing recent events in the Arab world, both tragic and hopeful, the goddess Ishtar, a major and fascinating figure in Mesopotamian mythology, symbol of duality and opposites, inspired and guided the musicians.

Ishtar Connection bridges Orient and Occident, tradition and modernity and offers space for freedom and imagination, for festive encounters of cultures dancing together... Welcome to the Oriental "Fest Noz".

Watch now "Ya Ayn Moulayitin " clip !

Shot in Aosta Valley in August 2019

© Musiques en Balade 2020


Éléments graphiques: Pauline Bertrand

Photographies : Laurent Khrâm Longvixay,

Dominique Secret, Eric Champelovier

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Musiques en balade est détentrice des licences 2 et 3 d'entrepreneur de spectacles PLALTESV-R-2019-000342‎ et est affilée au CNM, membre du réseau Zone Franche (réseau des musiques du monde) et du SYNAVI.

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